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Do you mop the floor daily? This activity provides benefits for the owner. One of the benefits of mopping is that it makes the inhabited environment healthier and cleaner. Not only that, mopping can make the floor shiny and more pleasing to the eye. Before that, have you seen mopping machine recommendations?

Is it allowed to use floor cleaning liquid?

Mopping the house becomes a routine that homeowners always do, be it on a daily basis or per week using mopping machine recommendations.

However, there are a number of questions that may haunt you. Do I need to use a floor cleaning fluid to mop? Or, just use water?

On Sunday (19/9/21) through Clean Link, it is reported that dust and dirt itself can be removed using water only. No additional cleaner liquid is needed.

But there are things you have to look at right now. Something related to dirt or stubborn stains on the floor is not enough to use water alone. How do you really mop?

The next time you are faced with stubborn stains or dirt that sticks to the floor, you will need chemicals to clean it. These chemicals you can get through a floor cleaning liquid that can be used to mop of course.

You should know that the use of these cleaning liquids outperforms all regular tap water use. Cleaning liquids can remove organic impurities, just like oil.

Before that, did you already have an effective and efficient mop? A mop that reduces your workload? Don’t make the wrong choice.

Automatic Floor Mop Recommendations

Are there any mopping machine recommendations? Of course, there are several recommendations that you can use as a reference:

• Deboot U2 pro

• Combo ecovacs deboot ozmo T8 auto empty station

• Ecovacs deboot N8 pro plus auto empty station

• T9 plus auto empty station

• Robot T9

• N8 pro

So, you can choose one of the recommendations for the mopping machine recommendation above. Don’t choose the wrong one! Choose the one that suits your needs.

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