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A healthy lifestyle certainly needs to be empowered and inspired. This lifestyle is able to make you comfortable and calmer in the dwelling. Do you know ecovacs brand ambassadors?

Before knowing about your favorite brand ambassador of ecovacs, you should know what is ecovacs? Ecovacs Indonesia is a flagship product that becomes a smart and integrated solution to work on daily activities such as cleaning up the house.

Ecovacs Asia brand ambassador

Ecovacs which are present in the household industry, launched robots that are able to complete chores such as sweeping and mopping automatically.

On April 13, 2021, ecovacs announced that one of the famous South Korean actors would become a brand ambassador for all products provided by ecovacs. Yes, Hyun Bin became ecovacs brand ambassadors.

Hyun Bin is a brand ambassador for Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. This makes all things perfect, in accordance with the concept of ecovacs itself which is “The best just got better.”

Hyun Bin embedded things in him, such as courage, and challenged himself to try and explore multiple characters. This collaboration between ecovacs and the favorite BA is able to create a goal.

The goal is to show a shared belief in challenging what is inside in order to pursue a brighter tomorrow, regardless of what we achieve today.

Launch of Ecovacs deebot T9 and N8 products

With Hyun Bin as a brand ambassador of ecovacs Indonesia, ecovacs here launches the deebot T9 and N8 types that are able to meet your current needs. Here are the products launched:

  • Ecovacs T9+ auto empty station robot vacuum cleaner (available in white and black)
  • Deebot T9 robot vacuum cleaner (available in white)
  • N8 robot vacuum cleaner (available in white)
  • Robot N8 pro + auto empty station (available in black and white)
  • Combo Deebot T9 plus auto empty station (available in white)
  • Combo Ecovacs Deebot N8 pro plus auto empty station (available in white)

You can choose one of them. Ecovacs with Hyun Bin as the brand ambassador is able to provide home cleaning activities effectively and conveniently.

Ecovacs Indonesia

Instagram : ecovacs.indonesia
Youtube : Ecovacs Indonesia

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