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There are many types of vacuum cleaners that you should know about today. Do you already know the types, whether it starts with a robotic vacuum cleaner or something else?

You should know about the types of vacuums so that cleaning activities at home become easier and reduce the amount of time at work. In addition, these types of vacuums have many benefits, check out this article carefully.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Here are the types of vacuum cleaners that you need to know, including the following:

Types of robots

This type of Indonesian robotic vacuum cleaner uses high technological capabilities. This vacuum becomes the desire of many people because it is practical and effective when used indoors.

Users of the robotic vacuum can perform machine control from a distance, so the owner can do the other work.

Do you want to get it? You get it easily nowadays through ecovacs Indonesia, Surabaya. The work is done quickly without being tired.

Upright type

An upright type vacuum is the very first that appeared in the industrial world.

The machine as well as the sucker become one and can stand upright when used. The mechanism of use lies in the pressure exerted by its user.

This machine is not quite enough, so you can not focus on doing other work because it is not as flexible as the robot vacuum cleaner.

Type of canister

This type of canister is the flexible type used, but users must move in using it in order to clean the dirt in the house.

This type is not suitable for people or people who are busy working. Why? because it’s quite time-consuming and you have to control it directly.

Type of handheld

A handheld vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that is quite easy to carry everywhere because its own size is quite small compared to other types. However, you should know that this type is suitable for cleaning car parts.

The family’s flagship robot vacuum cleaner

Once you know the types of vacuum cleaners, you are confused about which one to choose to accompany a small family.

Take it easy, you can choose a robotic vacuum cleaner right now. There are already many people who rely on this one dirt and dust-sucking machine. Why? Because the size itself is quite suitable to be placed anywhere.

Not only that, the use of this one robot is very easy to control remotely so that you no longer have to think about it. The price issue is guaranteed.

There is also a price and there is quality. You can get it easily nowadays through ecovacs Indonesia, the family’s flagship robot vacuum cleaner distributor. You can make an order now through online and e-commerce.

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