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Cleanliness is part of faith. You’ve heard this phrase, haven’t you? This expression is able to invite people into God’s piety and heaven. Have you adopted a clean environment? A clean life can bring a reflection of one’s self and heart. For completing the clean-up activities at home using Ecovacs, there is Hyun Bin who became the Ecovacs’ brand ambassador.

The application of clean living

There are many small steps to the application of clean living. Here are the steps you can apply, including the following:

Regular bathing

How to maintain a clean life? Of course, it can be done with bathing twice a day, in the morning and evening. Use clean water for bathing. 

When you are too lazy to take a bath, then the potential for germs and viruses to stick to you is high, especially after solid activities out there. Therefore, take a regular bath. Before bathing, you can first sweep the room at home using Ecovacs.

Eat nutritious food

The step that can be done to keep a clean life is to pay attention to the food and drinks that come in.

Avoid oily foods, such as fried foods. Also, avoid soft drinks because they are not good for the body. Get used to eating healthy food and drinks. You can consume milk, brown rice, apples, fish, etc. You can adjust to whatever food and drink you like.

Exercise, avoid alcohol and cigarettes

You can exercise to promote a healthy life. You can do workouts, such as jumping jacks or planks.

Get used to exercising every day for 15 minutes. However, when you consistently exercise avoid the use of cigarettes and avoid drinking alcohol. It is not effective for people who are adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Complete a healthy lifestyle by cleaning

Clean life on yourself is certainly lacking if the environment around it has no element of cleanliness at all.

Therefore, you need to clean the surrounding environment. It can be done by sweeping, mopping, and removing any dust or dirt sticking. On this occasion, you can use Ecovacs, with its brand ambassador, Hyun Bin.

This vacuum has 3 functions that are used in one product. It’s certainly profitable for you to use right now. The use of a robot vacuum with Ecovacs brand ambassador can facilitate your work in maintaining home cleanliness.

The robot vacuum offered is able to produce a room that is clean and free of dirt. Why? Because this machine is able to suck dirt or dust that sticks to the end. Therefore, do not miss to get it.

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